Thursday, 26 January 2012

Turkey and hyperphotos

Idly browsing through the December 2011 magazine edition of the British Journal of Photography over Christmas, I came across “Next Dimension” which is an overview of the latest developments in 3D photography.  Somewhere between Boxing Day’s cold turkey and turkey curry the day after, I happened across the works of Jean Francois Rauzier and his ‘hyperphotos’.  Not only are these remarkable from a technology perspective, but they offer a stunning opportunity to get into (literally) a photograph in exquisite details.  Basically, the massive digital pictures are composed of initial panoramas and have thousands of highly detailed close ups stitched into them and Microsoft’s Kinect gaming software (developed for X-box 360) used to allow the viewer to travel into the picture to examine the smallest details from different angles and perspectives.  There are a number of these on the website – all utterly remarkable, although I especially enjoyed the Louvre as it contained such complexity in what looked initially to be quite a repetitive image.  Click on the link above and be amazed ...

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