Sunday, 11 November 2012

Colour replacement therapy ..

It is some while since I shot the original images for the Colour assignment and much water has passed under the bridge since then.  Many more photographs have been taken and more opportunities have arisen to generate further pictures that I felt were better than my original submissions, even though the originals met with positive tutor response.  The images I have replaced were ones where I felt that the replacements were technically better or where I wanted to show colour combinations that were more part of a scene than some of the images I collected back in the spring.  I also wanted to add an extra colour accent in yellow as my original offerings were somewhat heavy on the red theme, and that is the first image shown here.

Yellow colour accent

The orange and blue complementary combination is now one of the shots I took on the recent OCA study visit to the Brighton Photo Biennial ….
Orange and blue complementary

… and the red and blue contrasting image has become ..
Red and blue contrasting

I certainly don’t intent to backtrack over all the assignments I have done so far and start to replace too many submitted images, as that would wipe out any traces of development (hopefully!), but I felt that it was warranted in this case as the number of set up static shots I had originally used was more than I was comfortable with.

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