Friday, 2 March 2012

Wildlife Workshops in Scotland

I have just returned from a ten day trip to Scotland to photograph some of the wildlife in the Cairngorms National Park.  The trip was in two parts, the first organised by Northshots and was guided by Chris Gomersall and Rob Jordan, and the second by Neil McIntyre of Scottish Wild Images, all established professionals in the area.  I can’t resist posting just one image from the trip, but see my website for more.

Technical details   :   Canon 1D MkIV + 500mm f/4 L IS lens   :   1/125sec at f/6.7 and ISO200

In addition to affording numerous opportunities to add images to my wildlife collection, I also managed to shoot some material relevant to TAOP which will doubtless appear over the course of the next few months. Additionally, I tried to revisit a number of aspects of the course so far, particularly exploring the role of shutter speed on moving water, as I had previously done in Exercise 4.  A rather more extreme approach was taken this time, with a 0.8 ND filter being used to reduce shutter speeds to 15 – 30 seconds to remove all definition from the water cascade and make it almost look like flowing ‘steam’.  The first image is a close up of the water cascading over rocks taken with a 15 second exposure.

A second shot I experimented with was with the river itself, again utilising the ND 0.8 filter to slow shutter speed, on this occasion to 20 seconds.

Technical details   :   Canon 1D MkIV + 70-200mm L IS lens at 163mm   :   15sec at f/16 and ISO100

Technical details   :   Canon 1D MkIV + 24-105mm L IS lens at 24mm   :   20sec at f/22 and ISO100
I have worked with Chris Gomersall a number of times in the past on bird photography workshops, and this photo tour happened to coincide with the release of his latest book "Wildlife Photographer", an excellent exploration of the more artistic and creative aspects of wildlife photography.  I've got a very long way to go ..... !!

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