Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Assignment 3 : Colour : Tutor feedback and response

The tutor response to Assignment 3 Colour has been received and I am delighted with the reply.  Not too much that I can add, but here are a couple of quotes:

 You have submitted a selection of sharp, correctly photographed subjects which clearly demonstrate that your comprehensive understanding of the basic principles of colour harmony is well founded.   Your selection is drawn from a variety of genres, namely landscape, buildings, flowers, close us and people.   You have not distributed your images evenly over the sixteen required but in my opinion this is not a serious drawback as the assignment brief does not specifically insist on that presentation.  Because your images are consistently correct it has left me with few comments to make other than to state my approval. 

In light of the comments regarding the spread of images across all the categories I decided to ensure that I did cover other options even though the tutor comment was that this was "not a serious drawback".  I don't want any drawbacks that I can help, so have added two images to cover green/violet and blue/violet as below to complete the set.  This required the removal of the second red/green combination to make space.

 My tutor also said "I am in the unusual situation of having very few comments to make because your work has been without errors.   You have created a set of very clear well saturated images from which a viewer would be hard pressed to misunderstand.   My remaining comment must be to encourage you to try to interpret all your forthcoming assignments to the same standards.

 He did comment that my three examples of colour accent were all based on red and that is something that I will now address with some other options before final submission for final assessment.  It was interesting that all the options I photographed during the run up to the submission of the assignment were all based on red;  I wonder whether this is because they are just more noticeable to me or whether there are more of them around?!

I have recently added an example of a yellow colour accent and deleted the pink cactus flower so as to expand the range of colours covered as suggested by my tutor.

Additionally I have removed orange/blue photograph of Cape Town and replaced it with an image taken during the OCA study visit to the Brighton Photobiennial as it was deliberately sought out to address the required colour combination.  It contained such a great assemblage of blue and orange I thought it was a far stronger image for final submission.

Another change was to add a blue/yellow combination, again a shot taken on a study visit, this time from the market outside the Saatchi Gallery.

 As far as the learning blog is concerned, his comments were:

You are maintaining your learning log to the same high standard as your assignment work.   You have taken on all the recommendations to obtain the benefits from a learning log by showing the results of the exercises, extending your studies by visits to art exhibitions in other fields than photography and expanding your background reading.   Your log is well organised and has provided me with some interesting reading.   As in the case of your assignment you have set a high standard, which, if maintained, should take you to a successful conclusion to your course.


  1. That's feedback to bring a smile to your face, and there you were worried about not having a 'theme'. Well-done.

  2. Congratulations on getting such good feedback - on to the next one now!