Monday, 19 March 2012

Location, location, location .....

I have given a lot of thought to places that I could visit to take photographs that address various aspects of the course.  These would have to be within reasonable distance of home (less than an hour) and ideally afford opportunities to shoot design themes, colours, lighting etc. in a few visits.  Local scenic spots and buildings lend themselves well to some elements of the course and churches and churchyards are a rich source of possibilities (especially shapes).  One of the best location types I have found for design elements and people are preserved steam railways (no, I’m not a train spotter!) and these also give opportunities for shooting colours and movement. 
London obviously has limitless photographic opportunities, although I have chosen to focus on the Embankment area to reduce the strong likelihood of chasing off after too many themes! 
The potential locations that I planned to include in TAOP have been marked on a map that has been included in my hard copy Learning Journal along with the subjects that I plan to focus on when I am there.
I have learnt so far that it is good advice to have a list of shots I definitely want to take before visiting a location and then to ensure that I capture these to their best advantage with respect to distance, angle and lighting before getting diverted onto anything else.

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